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Gas boiler service Tunbridge Wells, for a speedy/efficent boiler serving and repair. Please use the form at the bottom or call us ont he number above.

Servicing in Kent

Gas Safe* recommends that your boiler service are done once a year to insure that your boiler operates not only safely but as efficiently as possible.


Our annual boiler service may extend the life of your central heating system.

We can service all makes and models of gas boilers including System , Combination and Back Boilers in Kent.

Thorough servicing of your boiler includes the usage where appropriate of a Flue Gas Analyser.
This enables us to not only test the safe operation, but gives us information about the condition and efficiency of your boiler.


A print out of the results are given at every boiler service.


Give us a call for more information on 07816 348584 or email using the from at the bottom of the page.

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