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Cooker and Hob Installation

Anything Gas Install all makes of cookers, hobs and inbuilt ovens.


We offer a full installation service for both Mains Gas ( Natural Gas ) and LPG ( Calor ) including New LPG installations for customers that do not yet have gas.


Freestanding Cooker Installation.


When choosing a cooker it is important that you pay attention to the manufacturers siting requirements. These are easily found in the instruction maunals found commonly on the web or by contacting the manufacturers direct, who are normally happy to email a pdf copy to you. 

The reason this is important is that all manufacturers have specific siting requirements for distances to combustable materials like kitchen cabinets. 

Our engineers, before installing the cooker, will look at the maunal to check for this and if the space provided is insufficent they will be unable to fit the appliance. 


Cookers are rarely supplied with a cooker hose, stability bracket or chain etc. These are supplied by us and commonly refered to as a cooker fix kit. The cooker fix kit comprises of a cooker hose, bayonette fitting and either stability bracket or chain. The cost of the kit is currently £40.00.


When fitting the cooker each manufacturer also dictates where the bayonette fitting should be located, so on some ocassions it may be nessacery to reposition this to the required location. 


As long as the cooker is being installed in the same position it should normally take no longer than an hour to install most cookers.

( longer if conversion to LPG is required )


Total Cost of freestanding Cooker Installation.


Labour                 £72.00 per hour for Mains Gas

                            £80.00 Per Hour for LPG 

cooker fix kit        £40.00


Approx total        £112.00 Mains Gas

                           £120.00 LPG ( Pre Converted cooker ) 

                           £160.00 LPG ( Conversion required ) 


Hob Installation 


The same advice as buying a freestanding cooker is also relevant, although less restrictions apply. However,  you should still seek the manufacturers instructions to insure its location is aceptable, due to the same issues found with freestanding cookers regarding distances to combustable materials etc. 


Hobs are often straight forward to install and should under normal circumstances take around 1 hour to fit ( more if LPG conversion required ). That said, sometimes the connection to the hob can be in a different place or the hole in the worktop may need enlarging to take the new hob. if you have granite or work surfaces other than standard wood worktops, if the hole needs enlarging this may need to be done by the kitchen fitters to enable the installation to be competed.


Total Cost of hob Installation


Labour            £72.00 Per hour for Mains Gas 

                       £80.00 per hour for LPG 

                       £40.00 to convert hob to LPG 


Approx total    £72.00 Mains Gas

                       £80.00 LPG ( Pre Converted Hob ) 

                       £120.00 LPG ( Conversion required ) 


 Please note the above information regarding pricing and installation is only supposed to be used as a guide. The prices given above may change depending on the actual installation required.